Abortion – supporting your partner

This information is intended for men who are supporting their partner’s abortion decision.

At the Women’s, we strive to provide women with complete information regarding the process during their medical consultation. This allows her to ask inquiries and express her concerns while also being treated with respect and decency. If she has specific anxieties or concerns that you are unable to address, you might advise her to seek additional help through the Pregnancy Advisory Service.

This page contains the following information:


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Assistance in the real world

Any practical assistance you can provide your partner at this time will be greatly appreciated.

Emotional assistance

Before, during, and after the abortion, emotional support will be important to her.

What your partner might think if you had an abortion

Accept that your partner may experience a range of emotions and varied sentiments about the abortion, both positive and negative.

On the plus side, she might think:

She might, on the other hand, feel:

It can be helpful to be able to express these feelings in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental atmosphere to keep them from becoming overwhelming. According to research, when women are given the freedom to make their own decisions and are supported in doing so, they are more likely to feel relieved and confident in their choices.

In addition to talking to you, she may find it beneficial to share her feelings with sympathetic friends or family members. If she is having trouble managing her feelings, she should seek help from Social Work for post-abortion counseling or referrals to other qualified counsellors.