Feminist Abortion Network

Abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from a pregnant pregnancy. A miscarriage, also known as a “spontaneous abortion,” is a spontaneous abortion that happens in about 30 percent to 40 percent of pregnancies.

The Feminist Abortion Network supports the continued success, excellence, and strength of feminist health care providers.

FAN seeks to provide feminist perspectives and leadership to help frame the women’s reproductive health and justice movement.

FAN is committed to the mission of helping women making fully informed health decisions and having access to caring, comprehensive, quality health services.

We are feminist.

We believe that individuals are capable of making informed decisions about their health care, and they deserve to do so in an atmosphere of dignity and respect and as active participants in their care.

We are independent.

Our health care practices are not directed by corporate mandates, but by the needs of our communities. Our independence allows us to be accessible and responsive to our communities and enables us to take action on emerging and immediate community needs.

We are nonprofit.

We provide support and services to vulnerable and historically marginalized communities. We are not responsible to stock holders, but to our community, our Board of Directors, and our stakeholders.

We are abortion providers.

We are proud partners of the broader reproductive justice movement that advocates for a woman’s right to determine whether and when to have children, to become a parent, to parent with dignity, to have a healthy safe pregnancy, and to have healthy safe families and relationships.

We are a network.

We are stronger together. We work in collaboration to inform public policy, challenge unjust legislation, educate and influence the work of our allies, and to raise and amplify the voices and experiences of the individuals we serve.

Abortion – supporting your partner

This information is intended for men who are supporting their partner’s abortion decision. At the Women’s, we strive to provide women with complete information regarding the process during their medical consultation. This allows her to ask inquiries and express her concerns while also being treated with respect and decency. If she has specific anxieties or concerns that you are unable to address, you might advise her to seek additional help through the Pregnancy Advisory Service. This page contains the following information: Assistance in the real world Emotional assistance What your partner might think if you had an abortion Assistance in

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